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Motivational Ceramic Tiles

Did you know that you can add vinyl to something as ordinary as a ceramic tile.  Jen Meyer created these with ceramic tiles and her favorite black and red vinyl. These make wonderful gifts for all seasons and occasions.


Check your local home improvement store for these 18 x 18″ Ceramic Tile, like this one from Home Depot. You might have to buy a box of tiles, but ask them if you can purchase a sample that they can pull from an open box.

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Laptop Computer Vinyl Decor

What a HOOT! We love how Amy Mitchell decided to take her obsession with OWLS, her Cricut and som fun colors of vinyl to decorate her laptop. By the way, she loves it, but her husband wasn’t so excited…it’s growing on him, because WHOOOOO wouldn’t love this

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Boy’s Room Vinyl Decor

Tiffany Hood created this great example of a Boy’s Room Vinyl Decor.

Starting with adding a fun basketball to an existing backboard or creating a
sporty title to put above your son’s bed. 


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