Vinyl Dotted Mixer by Lori Allred


Lori Allred thought her mixer was rather boring all these years and decided it needed a little update. So with some BURGANDY vinyl, her Cricut E2 and Gypsy she created the fun words across the top and then cut out about 200 half inch circled to add a little more magic to the mix. We love how this turned out and the best part, it’s not permanent, so if her tastes change or colors in her kitchen, she can simply remove them.

Be sure to jump over to Lori’s blog and see what inspired her to decorate her Mixer. She’s also giving away the same cut out vinyl file she used and you get to pick the color!!


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4 responses to “Vinyl Dotted Mixer by Lori Allred

  1. What a great idea!! Love it!

  2. love this idea, very cool, would love this in orange 🙂

  3. Penny Pudge

    so why didn’t I think of this! LOL, love it! thanks Lori

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