No Cutting Mat, Yeah Silhouette!

Recently I purchased the Silhouette Cameo machine. I have an older Silhouette SD and have love it for the great detail you get from a Silhouette. Being a long time Cricut user I have to admit I wasn’t convinced I needed to invest in another 12″ electronic cutter. But the minute I heard you don’t have to use a cutting mat to cut vinyl. And since I use a lot of vinyl then this was a HUGE selling point for me.

It works great!!

Megan from Above Rubies Studio created a great video on how to cute vinyl on your Silhouette Cameo. (Only thing she should have used was the transfer tape, but we’ll forgive her this time!)

If you’re cutting one and two something that doesn’t fill the entire screen then you shouldn’t have any issues. I have noticed when filling an entire screen with my cut files that running vinyl through without a mat when it gets close to the edge it sometimes messes up. I would recommend using your mat if you’re doing a full sheet of cut images.

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