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Vinyl on Water Bottles

A few years ago my daughter attended a youth Girls Camp sponsored by our church. They gave all the participants a screen printed plastic water bottle. Only problem is all 400 girls at the camp had the same water bottles and if you sat it down and didn’t think to write your name on it, you had no idea which bottle was yours.

So thanks to a trip to the dollar store and my Brookie Vinyl selection, I was able to create “personalized” water bottles. But I couldn’t leave it with only their names, I had to add the camp theme for this year too!
For anyone else looking to do something like this for your Girls Camp here’s a couple of tips. You cannot do this without Transfer Tape…so pick up some extra. I’m a transfer tape snob and like to have a fresh piece rather then reuse them. Next tip, we’ve done this for the past two years and although the plastic water bottles from the dollar store work great…they do tend to break when dropped. So this year we decided on these metal bottles instead. You can order them by the case from and have it delivered for free to your local store!

Water BottlesWe’re going to add different colored ribbon to each bottle to designate who is in which tent group. Yellow in yellow tent, etc.

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5 Ways to use Vinyl on Wood Blocks

A trip the hardware store, some paint, scrapbook paper, mod podge and of course VINLY make simple and inexpensive gifts and home decor ideas. Check out these five fun ways to use vinyl on wood blocks.

Be sure to coat your projects with a varnish to keep the vinyl stuck to your wood projects!

Square Blocks

I love these fun 4×4″ cut down square blocks of wood that have been painted and had vinyl applied to it to create a custom gift item. This darling blog has tons of darling ideas and tutorials on it using vinyl…be sure to check it out.

Tutorial created by Brown Paper Packages

Wood Block Collage Tutorial

I love this fun framed wood blog tutorial featured on How Does She? website. Create your own wall collage using thinner pieces of MDF wood, scrapbook paper and cut out vinyl alphabet letters.

26 ABCs by How Does She?

Stacking Wood Blocks

Consider cutting your 2 x 4 blogs different heights to create a fun look similar to this. I especially love the “is everything” smaller piece of wood they are resting on along the bottom. Get creative with how you stack your blocks. Family Wood Blocks

Jane Newton Etsy Shop

2×4 Wood Blocks

Cover 2 x 4 blocks of wood with your favorite scrapbook papers using mod podge and then cut out words, seasons and ames and apply to blocks. Theses a great way to add a fun personalization to any room or pop of color to any holiday grouping.

Wood Blocks with VinylKits and finished project from

Bucket of ABC Blocks

I loved how these ABC blogs were created from a 2×4, sanded and had vinyl lettering applied to it and dumped in a bucket for decorating for small hands to create phrases and fun!!

Another great idea from Brown Paper Packages

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Have you ever thought to add vinyl quotes, thoughts and clip art to the mirrors in your home? Maybe that rather blank mirror in your guest bathroom or a remind for your kids to brush their teeth would be a great way to personalize a rather overlooked space in your home. When I was married to my husband over 20 years ago he would wake and tell me, “I love you, You’re Beautiful.” But over the years he’s missed a day or two. But one day came home with a small pre-cut vinyl piece that simply said “You’re Beautiful” on it and applied it to my side of our bathroom mirror. I love it! Check out these other vinyl on mirror ideas I loved too! All links to The Casabella project link back to My Blessed Life

Bathroom Reminder by Ali Edwards

Mirror Makeover by Crafty Scrappy Happy

You can order this piece through Etsy Shop


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5 Ways to use Vinyl for Weddings

The idea for this post actually started in my bedroom. We have a sign made from vinyl a friend gave us years ago and I’ve since remade for several wedding gifts. It says on it, “All Because Two People Fell in Love.” So I started to think about my bulging calendar of weddings coming up in August and thought I would go on the hunt for cute ideas using vinyl for weddings. I decided to limit to 5 though to keep the post short…there are some many more ideas out there.

Mr. & Mrs. Bedroom Vinyl

I instantly fell in love with his ideas for over the bed. It might only be fun for about the first year while you’re still getting use to it, but that’s the great part about vinyl…it comes off and you can replace it without another new quote or piece of art that inspires you.
Play on Walls Mr and Mrs vinyl

Available through Play on Walls Etsy Shop

Monogram Cake Plate Wedding Gift

I created one of these for a quick and simple wedding gift recently. Sadly I did not take any photos of the finished project. So I went in search of one that inspired me. I simply added the Bride & Grooms Monogram to a cake plate/cover that I picked up at Dollar Tree. I kept mine all white and added white tulle to the handle. Then I filled the inside with a cake mix, frosting, darling cupcake liners, sprinkles and a gift card for dinner (before or after they eat the cupcakes is up to them). Vinyl decorated cake plate

Create by Jessica Rocks and posted to Cricut Message Board

Personalized Wedding Party Cups

Stay hydrated on that special day with these darling personalized cups. Create one for the bride and her brides maids. Not only useful but also a fun keepsakes after that special day. Personalize Wedding Cups

Purchase these through LylaBugDesign Etsy Shop

Reception Decor or Dance Floor Vinyl

Loved this idea!! I would love to see it applied at an actual wedding, wouldn’t you. Added to the doors of a reception center would be such a great way to personalize a typically very impersonal space. And an even better idea…the reception dance floor, love it.

Reception Door or Floor Vinyl

Available through Open Heart Creations Etsy Shop

Just Married Car Vinyl

Now I think applying vinyl to the window of a car is just sweet and something they could leave on there for more then one night. I think personalizing it would be darling too…even adding a stick bride and groom to the window would be super cute too!! Just Married Vinyl on Car

Credits: If Walls Could Talk

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Sticky Stencil Sheets featured on My Craft Channel



My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter

Check out Staci’s Blog at

You know our friends over at My Craft Channel area always rockin’ the Brookie Craft products. Today for their Featured Buy (daily deal item) they offered the Brookie Craft Sticky Stencil Sheets. But what caught our eye is what the talented host, Staci Potter did with the stencil sheets.

My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter

She used this on a bunch of cute items like, pillows, monograms and a frame.

Check out these darling MONOgrammed Towels Staci created. She said it made it easier to keep towels straight while at the pool or beach. Definitely a must try!! 

Try out upholstery spray paint and a stencil to make fabric to create this amazing look on a piece of fabric, pillow and more. 

Great thing about using Sticky Stencils is you can reuse them over and over. Staci stenciled her t-shirt and this darling pillow with the same stencil. She said she loves that it stays sticky to make it easier to use.
My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter



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Ideas for When You Were Established




Okay I’ve seen this on framed pieces and wood plaques at a lot of my friends homes. You know the date that they were married with the “The Smiths Est. 2010”. But when I was surfing Pinterest I came across this AMAZING piece from 5StarDesign Etsy Shop in an entry way. LOVE IT!


Five Star Design Etsy Shop

So I designed one of my own and regretfully my entry way is small and a lot less impressive, but I was happy with how it turned out. I layered the black vinyl over top of a “red” A monogram. I was happy with it!




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A Little Goes a Long Way

I love how a little vinyl goes a long way on my walls. I put together this gallery type wall grouping in my living room when we first moved into our home. I purchased the “Family” wood cutout word at a local home decor store and loved it. I placed my handmade wood frames with family pictures in them around the word…but the space below the word looked weird. I stared at it for days…then it hit me (scroll down).

Adding a small vinyl quote that I have used on a few scrapbook pages would be the perfect touch to my wall.

The words are only about 2″ tall and that is plenty. You would have thought the grouping was built around our quote, “We may not have it all together….but together we have it all.”

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Heat Transfer & Disney

Are you headed off to one of those awesome family amusement parks or the “Happiest Place on Earth”? Check out what Char from Crap I’ve Made created using the Brookie Craft Heat Transfer sheets.  She said she made all four shirts of only $16.00 total. Now that’s a “happy” deal!!

Check out more of Char’s crafting adventures on her very awesome site Crap I’ve Made.

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Just Add a 3D Metal Star

Have you ever considering adding 3D items to your wall vinyl decor? Break up a word, phrase or quote with a fun item like a key, seasonal ornament or like I did in this one a metal star. 

I had a friend take my idea and create this amazing circle vinyl piece that would fit the space and then I added an 8″ metallic star I picked up at a favorite home decor store I love. I applied the vinyl and then hung the start in the center.

This shows the proportion in relation to my stairs and wall switch. I love this piece probably more then all others in my home. So did a lot of my friends…I’ve since given this as a gift to a few of my friends.

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Personalize Cups with Vinyl

We were so excited when Sarah from Pink Cricut posted this cute project to our wall. There are so many ways to personalize cups, mugs and water bottles using vinyl. What would you personalize?

Be sure to jump over to Sarah’s blog for more ideas on personalizing “random gifts”.

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