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Design Team: Tausha Hoyt

I am a mom x3 (all girls) and wife to a fantastic man who fully supports, most of the time, my need to redo, redecorate and shop the thrift stores on a weekly basis.

I love to use my glue gun, my ridiculous amount of fabric (even though I have no idea how to sew) and my border line “hoarder” amount of scrapbook paper. I love to express myself through my creations. The sentence, “Go to your craft room, you are being mean.” has been uttered more than once in my house.  I love to paint, makeover and redo my home…a lot. I am passionate about making my home a happy place where my family wants to be. I love sharing my ideas with you, in hopes that I can inspire you in some small way.

Here’s some vinyl projects I’ve done in the past that are sprinkled around my house:

Read more about this project on my blog...

Read more about how I made this on my blog....


Learn how I used vinyl for this pillow on my blog….

Label jars for your Laundry Room, learn more about his on my blog…

Happy Creating!


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Design Team: Laura Charko

My name is Laura and I love to create.  My motto when it comes to spending time in my studio is “Design, Create, Give.”   The great part of that motto is that you can start at any point!  Sometimes I skip the design part, and get right to creating!  Sometimes I just know I want to give something to someone so I head into my studio for inspiration.  And then, of course, at times I really want to hammer out a great design before I get started.  Above all else, I aspire to “give” or share my creative style with the people around me.  I just love a customer who comes to me with an idea and lets me run with it, all the while keeping them in the creative loop so they are aware of the work being done, and have input into the final product.

I created a blog to share some inspiration with fellow crafters, and to have a place I could share my work with potential clients.  Most of the visitors who visit my blog are aware of my love for vinyl and all the versatility it provides within my projects.  I can’t wait to start showing off some projects using Brookie Craft products!!  

Be sure to visit Laura’s blog at

Here are some links to some of the vinyl projects Laura has done in the past:

Whooo Loves Owls {On the Wall} 

See more about this project on Laura’s blog:

Things To Do Board {Vinyl on Canvas}

See more about this project on Laura’s blog:

Seeing Circles

See more about this project on Laura’s blog:

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What’s Cookin? Simple Wall Menu

Hi, it’s Kaysi again from Keeping it Simple.
One of my favorite things to do is get myself organized using chalkboard vinyl.  The stuff is amazing and works really well.  I made this chalkboard menu and put it right on my fridge.  It’s nice to know what I’m cooking that day and it’s always nice to have it on display so everyone else in the family knows what I’m cooking too.
chalkboard menu
Thanks for having me today!
Looking for chalkboard vinyl….visit our friends over at
Vinyl Outlet for a full selection of Brookie Craft products.

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Design Team: Kaysi Gardner

Hi!  My name is Kaysi and I blog over at Keeping it Simple
I am a mom to four young kids ages 7, 5, 3, and 1.  When I’m not playing or doing things with them, I like to create!
I absolutely love everything crafty. I love simple and easy crafts. I especially love doing a craft that I know anyone can make.  I love to teach others how to make them, so you will find lots of tutorials, even if it’s a super easy thing to make. I love to hear that I have inspired someone to get out of their comfort zone and make something, it totally brightens my day.
My goal of my blog is to inspire people to create something that they wouldn’t normally create.  I want to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and try to make new things.  I hope by the time you finish reading one of my tutorials you will think to yourself, “I can make that!”.
I really enjoy working with vinyl.  It’s amazing the things that you can do with it!  Here are a few of my favorite projects that I have made with vinyl
I have done lots of things with vinyl, you should check them out!
I’m super excited to be with Brookie Craft.  I can’t wait to show you all some fun things that I have made with their awesome vinyl.  I would love it if you came by and check out my blog too, I always love a new friend!

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Design Team: Summer Rumsey

Summer is the author and owner of Summer Scraps.  She is the mother of 3 and married to Ryan.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching movies and has a secret passion for video games.  Summer loves to share crafts and recipes.  One of her most favorite shared recipes is her Caramel Turtle Brownies
Some of her favorite crafts are her Bloom where you are planted sign
Her wood blocks for different seasons like her Spooky blocks
and she just shared her latest project – Back to School Chalkboard bag – featuring Chalkboard vinyl
You can also find Summer on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and at her Etsy shop.

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