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Metallic Vinyl Holiday Decor

It’s Laura here, from KOLA Designs, with another project using one of my favorite Brookie Craft materials – metallic vinyl!! I love the look of “subway art” and wanted to do some Christmas decorations using some great artwork from the Word Collage Cricut cartridge.  These two designs both cut so well using the metallic vinyl (the settings I used on the Cricut were speed: 5, pressure: 3, blade depth: 4, but keep in mind each machine is a little different, and everyone develops their own preferences when it comes to cutting vinyl)  🙂

My plaques were cut out of scrap wood at about 10″ x 12″ and then spray painted.  Once they were dry, I used Brookie Craft’s transfer tape to lift my design from the vinyl backing and right onto the plaque.  The more detail you have in your design, the slower you’ll wanted to go when removing your transfer tape, just to be sure those little letters and details are sticking to your project and not the transfer tape.  Burnishing the entire area very well helps, but you’ll always want to keep an eye out for stow-a-ways on the transfer tape! 😉

Hope you’ve found some inspiration for your own holiday decorations or gifts!!

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Holiday Plate

Hi, it’s Kaysi from Keeping it Simple.  It’s amazing how vinyl can really transform something plain and boring and make it into some so pretty and festive.  Every holiday I make a vinyl plate and put it on top of my piano.  Here is the one that I made for Christmas:
Christmas Plate (1)
I just took a regular plate, an old one that we don’t use much anymore.  Then I spray painted it red.
Thanksgiving plate (1)
Added some green and white vinyl.
Christmas Plate (2)
And now I have a pretty Christmas plate that cost me next to nothing!
Christmas Plate (1)
Thanks for having me today!
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Keeping It Simple Photobucket Keeping It Simple Keeping It Simple

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Grateful Chalkboard Vinyl Sign Tutorial

On my Thanksgiving Mantle this year I have this little board that says Grateful

Here it is on my mantle

There is chalkboard vinyl on the board so I can change out whatever we are Grateful for.  right now it is showing that I am Grateful for my family.  My kids have been enjoyed changing out the message with how they are grateful and it has got them thinking about being grateful – which is nice!

This is super simple to make. Here are the supplies you will need:

Orange Vinyl

Chalkboard Vinyl

Wood board

Orange Spray paint

Brown Ribbon and chalk (not pictured)

First spray paint your vinyl, cut out a piece of chalkboard vinyl and lettering in your orange vinyl

Place your Chalkboard vinyl on your wood. Rub over the entire area with a piece of chalk – then wipe it off.  I heard that this preps the area to erase easily in the future (I really don’t know if it is necessary)

Add your orange vinyl word and a brown ribbon bow to the end.

Now have your family take turns writing what they are thankful for.  I hid the piece of chalk behind the board on the mantle so the word can be changed out whenever we want.

What are you Grateful for??

Summer is the author and owner of Summer Scraps.  She is constantly inspired by her 3 kids and has great support from her husband.  In her spare time she enjoys cooking, reading, watching movies and has a secret passion for video games.  Summer loves to share crafts and recipes.  You can also find Summer on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and at her Etsy shop.

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Why Use Transfer Tape?

Our design team member, Staci Potter filmed a Special Feature video over on My Craft Channel. She explains why using transfer tape is so crucial when crafting with vinyl. You can view it here….

We appreciate the support of My Craft Channel. If you’re not already subscribed to receive updates from them, join their mailing list today. Simply click on the “VIP Newsletter” button on their home page at

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Oversized Payment Out of Vinyl

I was recently a part of a planning committee that organized a very successful Medieval Feast as a fundraiser for a local camp.  I’ll be sharing more details about the event on my own blog later on, but today I want to share how I used Brookie Craft Vinyl to create the key piece to our donation presentation to the camp – the cheque!!

The list of supplies I needed wasn’t very long:
Large piece of foam board
Utility Knife (to cut the foam board to size)
Black Vinyl
Vinyl for the logo (in this case red, yellow, and blue)
Roll of Dry Erase material (Brookie Craft also sells dry erase vinyl that you could use to create sections of writeable spaces on the cheque, instead of covering the whole thing!)

Up first, I needed to cut my foam board.  It was just a little too tall for the looks of a cheque in my opinion so I trimmed about 3 inches off to make it more rectangular.  I then used the full roll of dry erase material to cover the foam board entirely, and trimmed the edges for a clean finish. As I mentioned above, Brookie Craft also has dry erase vinyl available that could be used to create smaller areas of writeable space.

I used my computer to create the cut files I needed to cut out the logo for the Knights of Columbus (the organization that spearheaded the event, and in turn was making the donation to the camp from the funds raised).  In addition to cutting out the logo, I cut out all of the cheque details in black vinyl, using a real cheque as reference so I didn’t miss anything important.

Once everything was cut it was just a matter of layering the colours to create the logo, and then spacing out all of the cheque information appropriately.  Using Brookie Craft’s transfer tape makes this super simple as it is transparent enough to see right through and ensure your design is going right where you need it!  If I have cut out a number of different things that don’t necessary go in the same spot, as shown in the picture of the black vinyl all cut out, I like to place my transfer tape over all of it first, and then use either a knife or scissors to cut the sections apart.  This way I’m sure to have the right size of tape for each piece and I can keep everything organized – just cut off the section you need as you need it so pieces don’t get lost.

While I couldn’t actually attend the presentation as I was at a wedding, through the magic of technology I was able to be there via FaceTime and was thrilled to see the looks and hear the applause when our committee was able to present the camp with a cheque for $12,000!  We are a very small town, and this event was a collaborative effort by many – we not only made a considerable donation to a great cause, we brought our entire community together in the process, and shone a light on a much needed gem.  I hope you can visit my blog in the next week or so to learn more about the event, and some other projects I created for the feast!

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Joy Sign Mask with Sticky Stencil

Have you seen the darling signs all around that have just a word or two on them?  Well I wanted to make a Christmas one for my front porch.  I started out with an old piece of wood that I found on one of my thrifty finds from the junk yard.  Have you ever been to the junk yard?  The one where I do my picking has lots of old wood for way cheap.  I’m sure that there are many different ways you can do these but my friend and I decided to make a sign using the sticky stencil so we could use it over and over again.  All I did was pick out the font I liked then double cut {the sticky stencil is a little thick} each letter out with my electronic cutter.
Here is my wood with the letters JOY on the board ready for some paint.
I love that the letters stick to the wood and make it so easy to paint.  I chose to leave the letters the color of the wood and then spray painted the rest white.  This was a little tricky because the wood was so porous that it sucked the paint right in.  I wanted to keep painting but I knew if I did then it would seep under the letters so, have some patience and do it light to avoid that problem.
It was crazy because the paint wouldn’t cover as well as I would have liked, but it ended up working out.  After the paint dried I pulled the letters off and then sanded it just a little to give it a softer look.
The smaller piece of wood is my friends and she painted her board white and then used the other part of the stencil that I didn’t use and painted hers red. Sorry, no pic of this stage.
I love how this turned out.  I can’t wait to set this out when I get my Christmas stuff up.
Note:Thanks to my friend for letting me stage this since I still have my Thanksgiving decor up!
Look how cute my friends turned out, too.
What word would you put on your sign?

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Fall Sign by Kaysi

Hi again, it’s Kaysi from Keeping it Simple.
When I decorate for the holidays, I immediately turn to vinyl.  I know that I can make the sayings or characters that I want easily out of vinyl.  Please there are so many colors, I can always find some that work perfectly.
I have a ladder that I like to decorate for each holiday.  I decided to make some wood blocks and decorate them to say fall.  It was so easy and quick and I love the colors!
fall blocks (3)

fall blocks (4)

Here is part of the ladder with some candy corn on it.
fall blocks (2)

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