Grateful Chalkboard Vinyl Sign Tutorial

On my Thanksgiving Mantle this year I have this little board that says Grateful

Here it is on my mantle

There is chalkboard vinyl on the board so I can change out whatever we are Grateful for.  right now it is showing that I am Grateful for my family.  My kids have been enjoyed changing out the message with how they are grateful and it has got them thinking about being grateful – which is nice!

This is super simple to make. Here are the supplies you will need:

Orange Vinyl

Chalkboard Vinyl

Wood board

Orange Spray paint

Brown Ribbon and chalk (not pictured)

First spray paint your vinyl, cut out a piece of chalkboard vinyl and lettering in your orange vinyl

Place your Chalkboard vinyl on your wood. Rub over the entire area with a piece of chalk – then wipe it off.  I heard that this preps the area to erase easily in the future (I really don’t know if it is necessary)

Add your orange vinyl word and a brown ribbon bow to the end.

Now have your family take turns writing what they are thankful for.  I hid the piece of chalk behind the board on the mantle so the word can be changed out whenever we want.

What are you Grateful for??

Summer is the author and owner of Summer Scraps.  She is constantly inspired by her 3 kids and has great support from her husband.  In her spare time she enjoys cooking, reading, watching movies and has a secret passion for video games.  Summer loves to share crafts and recipes.  You can also find Summer on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and at her Etsy shop.

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