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Step Up Home Decor with Vinyl

When I got out my Thanksgiving stuff to decorate our home this year, I felt like this THANKS sign needed a little something.
So, I grabbed a little vinyl and cut out the word GIVE.  All I did was run my vinyl through my cutting machine, pulled off the excess vinyl, and added some transfer tape. 
Then, I applied my vinyl to the wall. 
You can always put your vinyl up one letter at a time but transfer tape makes it fast and easy.  Plus, you can reuse it over and over again.
Once you’ve got your word right where you want it, remove your transfer tape.
 Look what a difference a little vinyl can make.
The best part is when Thanksgiving is over, I can pull if off.
 Now, look around your home, add a little vinyl to something, and see what a difference it can make!

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Layering Vinyl for Gallery Wall

Hi again, it’s Kaysi from Keeping it Simple.
One of my favorite things to do with vinyl is layering it, it just looks amazing.  I wanted to make a sign with my last name to put over our family pictures.    I put our last name in bold letters and then put the words families are forever over it.  It was super easy to make and just looks great on my wall!
I would love it if you follow along!

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Mixing Up Your Wall Vinyl Colors

Hi, I’m Kaysi from Keeping it Simple

One of my things about vinyl is being able to put it on the wall.  I love being to add color to a house without having to paint and having some permanent.  I have some 8×10 canvases of my children when they were just a week old.  There is just something about a week old baby.  So I have them displayed in my living room, with this fun saving over it in vinyl.
favorite things (1)
I wanted to make the favorite different, using cursive and a different color, it really make it pop.
favorite things (3)
I seriously love it and now the vinyl looks on my wall!
Thanks for having me today!

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Design Team: Tausha Hoyt

I am a mom x3 (all girls) and wife to a fantastic man who fully supports, most of the time, my need to redo, redecorate and shop the thrift stores on a weekly basis.

I love to use my glue gun, my ridiculous amount of fabric (even though I have no idea how to sew) and my border line “hoarder” amount of scrapbook paper. I love to express myself through my creations. The sentence, “Go to your craft room, you are being mean.” has been uttered more than once in my house.  I love to paint, makeover and redo my home…a lot. I am passionate about making my home a happy place where my family wants to be. I love sharing my ideas with you, in hopes that I can inspire you in some small way.

Here’s some vinyl projects I’ve done in the past that are sprinkled around my house:

Read more about this project on my blog...

Read more about how I made this on my blog....


Learn how I used vinyl for this pillow on my blog….

Label jars for your Laundry Room, learn more about his on my blog…

Happy Creating!


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Design Team: Laura Charko

My name is Laura and I love to create.  My motto when it comes to spending time in my studio is “Design, Create, Give.”   The great part of that motto is that you can start at any point!  Sometimes I skip the design part, and get right to creating!  Sometimes I just know I want to give something to someone so I head into my studio for inspiration.  And then, of course, at times I really want to hammer out a great design before I get started.  Above all else, I aspire to “give” or share my creative style with the people around me.  I just love a customer who comes to me with an idea and lets me run with it, all the while keeping them in the creative loop so they are aware of the work being done, and have input into the final product.

I created a blog to share some inspiration with fellow crafters, and to have a place I could share my work with potential clients.  Most of the visitors who visit my blog are aware of my love for vinyl and all the versatility it provides within my projects.  I can’t wait to start showing off some projects using Brookie Craft products!!  

Be sure to visit Laura’s blog at

Here are some links to some of the vinyl projects Laura has done in the past:

Whooo Loves Owls {On the Wall} 

See more about this project on Laura’s blog:

Things To Do Board {Vinyl on Canvas}

See more about this project on Laura’s blog:

Seeing Circles

See more about this project on Laura’s blog:

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What’s Cookin? Simple Wall Menu

Hi, it’s Kaysi again from Keeping it Simple.
One of my favorite things to do is get myself organized using chalkboard vinyl.  The stuff is amazing and works really well.  I made this chalkboard menu and put it right on my fridge.  It’s nice to know what I’m cooking that day and it’s always nice to have it on display so everyone else in the family knows what I’m cooking too.
chalkboard menu
Thanks for having me today!
Looking for chalkboard vinyl….visit our friends over at
Vinyl Outlet for a full selection of Brookie Craft products.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Have you ever thought to add vinyl quotes, thoughts and clip art to the mirrors in your home? Maybe that rather blank mirror in your guest bathroom or a remind for your kids to brush their teeth would be a great way to personalize a rather overlooked space in your home. When I was married to my husband over 20 years ago he would wake and tell me, “I love you, You’re Beautiful.” But over the years he’s missed a day or two. But one day came home with a small pre-cut vinyl piece that simply said “You’re Beautiful” on it and applied it to my side of our bathroom mirror. I love it! Check out these other vinyl on mirror ideas I loved too! All links to The Casabella project link back to My Blessed Life

Bathroom Reminder by Ali Edwards

Mirror Makeover by Crafty Scrappy Happy

You can order this piece through Etsy Shop


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Ideas for When You Were Established




Okay I’ve seen this on framed pieces and wood plaques at a lot of my friends homes. You know the date that they were married with the “The Smiths Est. 2010”. But when I was surfing Pinterest I came across this AMAZING piece from 5StarDesign Etsy Shop in an entry way. LOVE IT!


Five Star Design Etsy Shop

So I designed one of my own and regretfully my entry way is small and a lot less impressive, but I was happy with how it turned out. I layered the black vinyl over top of a “red” A monogram. I was happy with it!




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A Little Goes a Long Way

I love how a little vinyl goes a long way on my walls. I put together this gallery type wall grouping in my living room when we first moved into our home. I purchased the “Family” wood cutout word at a local home decor store and loved it. I placed my handmade wood frames with family pictures in them around the word…but the space below the word looked weird. I stared at it for days…then it hit me (scroll down).

Adding a small vinyl quote that I have used on a few scrapbook pages would be the perfect touch to my wall.

The words are only about 2″ tall and that is plenty. You would have thought the grouping was built around our quote, “We may not have it all together….but together we have it all.”

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Just Add a 3D Metal Star

Have you ever considering adding 3D items to your wall vinyl decor? Break up a word, phrase or quote with a fun item like a key, seasonal ornament or like I did in this one a metal star. 

I had a friend take my idea and create this amazing circle vinyl piece that would fit the space and then I added an 8″ metallic star I picked up at a favorite home decor store I love. I applied the vinyl and then hung the start in the center.

This shows the proportion in relation to my stairs and wall switch. I love this piece probably more then all others in my home. So did a lot of my friends…I’ve since given this as a gift to a few of my friends.

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