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Candle Jars: Vinyl as a Stencil

Hi again, it’s Kaysi from Keeping it Simple!
Today I am going to share with you how I used vinyl as stencil on some glasses vases I got from the dollar store.  I love the look of these vases and the designs that they have now!
living room (21)
This is how I made it:
I took a vase and then I cut several 12” strips of vinyl.  The width of them varied from 1/4” to 1/2”
frosted glass vase (1)
I then put the vinyl around the vase, making sure to push down hard to get all the air bubbles out.
frosted glass vase (2)
Then using some frosting paint, I spray painted the vase all around.
frosted glass vase (3)
Once the paint was completely dry, I peeled off the vinyl.
frosted glass vase (4)
I added a little tea light to it.  And that’s it, super easy and simple.
frosted glass vase (5)
I liked the look so much that I decided to do the same thing to a couple other vases and just used spray paint for some added color!
master suite reveal (22)
Thanks for having me here today!
I would love it if you followed along.

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Sticky Stencil Sheets featured on My Craft Channel



My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter

Check out Staci’s Blog at

You know our friends over at My Craft Channel area always rockin’ the Brookie Craft products. Today for their Featured Buy (daily deal item) they offered the Brookie Craft Sticky Stencil Sheets. But what caught our eye is what the talented host, Staci Potter did with the stencil sheets.

My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter

She used this on a bunch of cute items like, pillows, monograms and a frame.

Check out these darling MONOgrammed Towels Staci created. She said it made it easier to keep towels straight while at the pool or beach. Definitely a must try!! 

Try out upholstery spray paint and a stencil to make fabric to create this amazing look on a piece of fabric, pillow and more. 

Great thing about using Sticky Stencils is you can reuse them over and over. Staci stenciled her t-shirt and this darling pillow with the same stencil. She said she loves that it stays sticky to make it easier to use.
My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter



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