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Why Use Transfer Tape?

Our design team member, Staci Potter filmed a Special Feature video over on My Craft Channel. She explains why using transfer tape is so crucial when crafting with vinyl. You can view it here….

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Joy Sign Mask with Sticky Stencil

Have you seen the darling signs all around that have just a word or two on them?  Well I wanted to make a Christmas one for my front porch.  I started out with an old piece of wood that I found on one of my thrifty finds from the junk yard.  Have you ever been to the junk yard?  The one where I do my picking has lots of old wood for way cheap.  I’m sure that there are many different ways you can do these but my friend and I decided to make a sign using the sticky stencil so we could use it over and over again.  All I did was pick out the font I liked then double cut {the sticky stencil is a little thick} each letter out with my electronic cutter.
Here is my wood with the letters JOY on the board ready for some paint.
I love that the letters stick to the wood and make it so easy to paint.  I chose to leave the letters the color of the wood and then spray painted the rest white.  This was a little tricky because the wood was so porous that it sucked the paint right in.  I wanted to keep painting but I knew if I did then it would seep under the letters so, have some patience and do it light to avoid that problem.
It was crazy because the paint wouldn’t cover as well as I would have liked, but it ended up working out.  After the paint dried I pulled the letters off and then sanded it just a little to give it a softer look.
The smaller piece of wood is my friends and she painted her board white and then used the other part of the stencil that I didn’t use and painted hers red. Sorry, no pic of this stage.
I love how this turned out.  I can’t wait to set this out when I get my Christmas stuff up.
Note:Thanks to my friend for letting me stage this since I still have my Thanksgiving decor up!
Look how cute my friends turned out, too.
What word would you put on your sign?

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Unique Vinyl Ideas

Join Lori Allred as she shows you how to take
crafting with vinyl to the next level. She’ll share creative
ways to glitter and bling out vinyl for home decor and gift giving.

View the episode on My Craft Channel by clicking here!

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Sticky Stencil Sheets featured on My Craft Channel



My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter

Check out Staci’s Blog at

You know our friends over at My Craft Channel area always rockin’ the Brookie Craft products. Today for their Featured Buy (daily deal item) they offered the Brookie Craft Sticky Stencil Sheets. But what caught our eye is what the talented host, Staci Potter did with the stencil sheets.

My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter

She used this on a bunch of cute items like, pillows, monograms and a frame.

Check out these darling MONOgrammed Towels Staci created. She said it made it easier to keep towels straight while at the pool or beach. Definitely a must try!! 

Try out upholstery spray paint and a stencil to make fabric to create this amazing look on a piece of fabric, pillow and more. 

Great thing about using Sticky Stencils is you can reuse them over and over. Staci stenciled her t-shirt and this darling pillow with the same stencil. She said she loves that it stays sticky to make it easier to use.
My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter



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No Cutting Mat, Yeah Silhouette!

Recently I purchased the Silhouette Cameo machine. I have an older Silhouette SD and have love it for the great detail you get from a Silhouette. Being a long time Cricut user I have to admit I wasn’t convinced I needed to invest in another 12″ electronic cutter. But the minute I heard you don’t have to use a cutting mat to cut vinyl. And since I use a lot of vinyl then this was a HUGE selling point for me.

It works great!!

Megan from Above Rubies Studio created a great video on how to cute vinyl on your Silhouette Cameo. (Only thing she should have used was the transfer tape, but we’ll forgive her this time!)

If you’re cutting one and two something that doesn’t fill the entire screen then you shouldn’t have any issues. I have noticed when filling an entire screen with my cut files that running vinyl through without a mat when it gets close to the edge it sometimes messes up. I would recommend using your mat if you’re doing a full sheet of cut images.

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Oops, I’m out of Transfer Tape

Sometimes you run out of that awesome Transfer Tape that helps you take your cut vinyl to a new surface. We loved this idea from Megan at Above Rubies Studio. She shares how to use blue painters tape when you’re in a bind.

For other great ideas from a pro, visit Above Rubies Studio.

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Tips and Tricks: Transfer Tape + Video

This post goes into great detail explaining how transfer tape works. But if you’re more of a video sort of gal, check out the following Video from our resident “Man Crafters.”

Man Crafters: Vinyl Transfer Tape: Join “Man Crafters,” Todd and Kermit as they show you tips and tricks of why you cannot live without good transfer tape when using VINYL. This new Manufacturer Mini Series is entertaining and helpful!


Transfer tape is used for getting your cut and weeded vinyl design off the backing paper and onto your final substrate, keeping it together and even. Once you have cut your design in vinyl, take your X-acto knife and weed away the excess vinyl. Get a sheet of transfer tape and lay it down over the design very lightly, sometimes it is helpful to have 2 people each take a side to avoid it sticking down too quickly or uneven.

Take your squeegee and start in the middle of the transfer tape, using up and down strokes with medium pressure, move out to the edges of the design. Once you have it down go over the entire thing with a bit more pressure tomake sure the vinyl is held securely to the transfer tape.

Start pulling from the edge, and lift the transfer tape and vinyl away from the backing paper until it is completely separate. You are now ready to place the design on your substrate. Once you have it even and ready to apply take your squeegee and repeat the up and down strokes from the middle to the edges again with medium to hard pressure. Once the entire thing is done, pull the transfer tape away from the substrate leaving the vinyl securely in place. Throw away the transfer tape, it will not be used again. Transfer Tape is a great way to ensure an even and successful outcome to any vinyl design, especially lettering!

A squeegee is used to apply transfer tape to vinyl as well as vinyl to your final substrate. Lay down a sheet of transfer tape to your cut and weeded vinyl, start in the middle and move the squeegee toward the edges in up and down strokes until the entire vinyl design is covered. Pull the transfer tape and vinyl off the backing paper and apply to substrate. Once you have the vinyl positioned where you want it, use your squeegee in the same up and down strokes from the middle out to the edges. Once you have covered the entire surface area, pull the transfer tape off, the vinyl should be held securely in place. These work much better that a credit card!

Stabilo Pencils are a great tool to have when you need an ultra removable marking device. You can write on paper, glass, plastic, metal, mirrors and paint, it comes right off with a little glass cleaner or any type of liquid cleaner. They are often used to make level lines on the walls or substrate you will be applying vinyl to. We highly suggest this be a part of your vinyl accessory kit.

Finished product on the wall!!

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Tips and Tricks: Weeding

What is Weeding? And I’m not talking about this kind of weeding either….

Weeding is what you do after you have cut your vinyl on our electronic cutter, you weed out all the parts of the vinyl you do NOT need.

X-acto knives work as a perfect tool for weeding (taking away the excess or negative space when using vinyl). Always keep a sharp blade, this will help you to “grab” the vinyl easier. Hold the knife at an angle, and poke the tip just under the vinyl and lift. This is a great way to weed letters or small areas in a design. You can use them to cut around a design, and only weed sections on vinyl off the backing so that you do not waste the entire sheet of vinyl with one design (be careful not to press too hard, you may cut through the backing paper) They are also great for popping any type of bubble you may have gotten during the installation process. Take a very sharp tip of the X-acto blade and poke the bubble, use your finger to press the air from behind the vinyl out through the hole.

This is what it should like when you are finished weeding your cut piece.

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Tips and Tricks: Cutting Vinyl

Cutting vinyl with our electronic cutting machine is simple if you set your blades correctly. Remember you do not want to cut through the bottom white sheet, only “kiss cut” the vinyl to that white sheet.

To successfully cut vinyl adjust your machine to:

  • Craftwell e-Craft – pressure 4
  • Silhouette Cameo® – blade thickness 2
  • Silhouette SD® – blue blad insert
  • Cricut Create®- pressure setting #2 and blade setting 5
  • Cricut Expression®- pressure 3, speed 3 and blade setting 3
  • Craft Robo®- blue blade insert
  • Pazzles Inspiration®- before cutting choose media setting to “vinyl”
Here’s a great resource on that compares different electronic cutting machines.
Please note: We found the information for cutting vinyl using each of the above electronic cutters on each respective manufacturer’s websites. If you have found a different setting works better, please leave a comment.

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