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Adding Vinyl to Accent your Chalkboards

I love Chalkboards! I love words and so chalkboards are the perfect solution for me. If I didn’t have them, I would be one of those people who hung words all over the house using construction paper and scotch tape.

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If you are not sure how to make a chalkboard, I tell you how to do it here. It really is easier than you think.

I wanted my chalkboard to have a little something extra and unique detail. So, I added a little bit of vinyl love. I have done this a couple of times and every time I do it, I love it more and more.

Supplies Needed:
Vinyl ( I love Vinyl Outlet.net)
Cricut Mini or your shape printed on some paper & scissors
Chalk and wet rag (to use as an eraser)
I cut out a simple #1 to fit in the corner of my chalkboard. When you are deciding what vinyl shape to put on your chalkboard, take your chalkboard size into consideration. This chalkboard is not huge, so I made sure my vinyl was cut to size. After you have cut out your vinyl decal, you just need to attach it to your board. I used transfer tape to make the application super simple.

Now that you have your chalkboard all decked out and you are not sure what to write on your board-I have a hundreds of quotes on my Chalkboard Quotes Board on Pinterest. 

If you are wanting some simple tips on how to write on your chalkboard-I did a whole post all about this as well. Simple, life changing tips. (Well not really life changing, but you get the idea)

If you want more simple project ideas, DIY and decorating tips and tricks, please visit my blog


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Sticky Stencil Sheets featured on My Craft Channel



My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter

Check out Staci’s Blog at http://www.thepotters-place.com/

You know our friends over at My Craft Channel area always rockin’ the Brookie Craft products. Today for their Featured Buy (daily deal item) they offered the Brookie Craft Sticky Stencil Sheets. But what caught our eye is what the talented host, Staci Potter did with the stencil sheets.

My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter

She used this on a bunch of cute items like, pillows, monograms and a frame.

Check out these darling MONOgrammed Towels Staci created. She said it made it easier to keep towels straight while at the pool or beach. Definitely a must try!! 

Try out upholstery spray paint and a stencil to make fabric to create this amazing look on a piece of fabric, pillow and more. 

Great thing about using Sticky Stencils is you can reuse them over and over. Staci stenciled her t-shirt and this darling pillow with the same stencil. She said she loves that it stays sticky to make it easier to use.
My Craft Channel - Sticky Stencil & Staci Potter



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As Seen on TV…My Craft Channel

We spotted the very talented Lori Allred over on My Craft Channel today showing some fun ideas on how to repurpose old cabinet doors. What caught our eye were the great uses of Brookie Craft vinyl. 

Be sure to catch all of Lori’s Inspired by Pinterest Cabinet Door episode. But check out these close ups how cool vinyl can be with home decor!

You might recognize this from an earlier blog post. 

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