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Personalized Wedding Party Gifts

by Laura Charko

Here’s a simple way to personalize gifts or add some flair to a party!   These glasses (actually shatter-proof plastic that looks just like glass!) were made as part of the thank you gifts for a wedding party.

I used the cricut cartridges Love Struck for the lips and CTMH Artiste for the moustaches!   Since these glasses have grooves built in for the thumb to sit in, the vinyl was applied so that when they were held up to the mouth, the lips or moustaches were in just the right spot on the drinker’s face – totally made me giggle after applying each one LOL

My tip for designing vinyl for curved areas, like glasses, is to take the measurement of the area you can see from one angle.  For the flutes for example, about 2 inches were visible at any given time, any more than that was cut off as it curved around the glass.  Knowing this, I could try to keep my designs within 2 inches wide so that the name could be read and the image could be legible when it was looked at straight on.

Don’t forget to test out your vinyl on your objects before you finish a project like this so that you’ll know how they interact.  Some glass doesn’t hold certain vinyl as well as other glass.  I would also recommend hand-washing any items that will be used again, not putting them in the dishwasher.






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5 Ways to use Vinyl for Weddings

The idea for this post actually started in my bedroom. We have a sign made from vinyl a friend gave us years ago and I’ve since remade for several wedding gifts. It says on it, “All Because Two People Fell in Love.” So I started to think about my bulging calendar of weddings coming up in August and thought I would go on the hunt for cute ideas using vinyl for weddings. I decided to limit to 5 though to keep the post short…there are some many more ideas out there.

Mr. & Mrs. Bedroom Vinyl

I instantly fell in love with his ideas for over the bed. It might only be fun for about the first year while you’re still getting use to it, but that’s the great part about vinyl…it comes off and you can replace it without another new quote or piece of art that inspires you.
Play on Walls Mr and Mrs vinyl

Available through Play on Walls Etsy Shop

Monogram Cake Plate Wedding Gift

I created one of these for a quick and simple wedding gift recently. Sadly I did not take any photos of the finished project. So I went in search of one that inspired me. I simply added the Bride & Grooms Monogram to a cake plate/cover that I picked up at Dollar Tree. I kept mine all white and added white tulle to the handle. Then I filled the inside with a cake mix, frosting, darling cupcake liners, sprinkles and a gift card for dinner (before or after they eat the cupcakes is up to them). Vinyl decorated cake plate

Create by Jessica Rocks and posted to Cricut Message Board

Personalized Wedding Party Cups

Stay hydrated on that special day with these darling personalized cups. Create one for the bride and her brides maids. Not only useful but also a fun keepsakes after that special day. Personalize Wedding Cups

Purchase these through LylaBugDesign Etsy Shop

Reception Decor or Dance Floor Vinyl

Loved this idea!! I would love to see it applied at an actual wedding, wouldn’t you. Added to the doors of a reception center would be such a great way to personalize a typically very impersonal space. And an even better idea…the reception dance floor, love it.

Reception Door or Floor Vinyl

Available through Open Heart Creations Etsy Shop

Just Married Car Vinyl

Now I think applying vinyl to the window of a car is just sweet and something they could leave on there for more then one night. I think personalizing it would be darling too…even adding a stick bride and groom to the window would be super cute too!! Just Married Vinyl on Car

Credits: If Walls Could Talk

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Personalize Gifts with Vinyl…Moo!

Jen Meyer wanted to give her daughter MacKenzie a gift that would help remind her about her first role in a local production of Oklahoma! So she found this darling cow collectable, with yellow flowers (her daughter’s favorite) and cut out the name of the play and year. Because face it, finding a gift that represented something like the musical Oklahoma! with the year on it, is probably very hard to find. 

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