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Using Vinyl to Writing on Dishes

Have you ever thought to write on dishes? My handwriting is not so great so when I want clean lines and the perfect lettering I use my vinyl as a stencil.

Here’s some screen shots from the Inspired by Pinterest episode called “Writing on Dishes” on My Craft Channel.

 Best method to fill in your letter is to go back and forth and move upward on the design. Do not go back over the area you’ve already colored if you want a solid colored in area.
But to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about…check out the episode here:

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Unique Vinyl Ideas

Join Lori Allred as she shows you how to take
crafting with vinyl to the next level. She’ll share creative
ways to glitter and bling out vinyl for home decor and gift giving.

View the episode on My Craft Channel by clicking here!

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New Take on old Cabinet Doors Recycled Project

Have you ever thought of takend reclaimed cabinet doors and giving them an entirely different look and purpose with a coat of paint and some vinyl?

This is going to be hung outside next to my front door, but I didn’t have any hooks at the time I took the photo. You get the idea, right? To learn more about how these were created, check out the newest episode of Inspired by Pinterest on My Craft Channel, airing Friday, June 29, 2012.

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Vinyl Dotted Mixer by Lori Allred


Lori Allred thought her mixer was rather boring all these years and decided it needed a little update. So with some BURGANDY vinyl, her Cricut E2 and Gypsy she created the fun words across the top and then cut out about 200 half inch circled to add a little more magic to the mix. We love how this turned out and the best part, it’s not permanent, so if her tastes change or colors in her kitchen, she can simply remove them.

Be sure to jump over to Lori’s blog and see what inspired her to decorate her Mixer. She’s also giving away the same cut out vinyl file she used and you get to pick the color!!


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