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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Have you ever thought to add vinyl quotes, thoughts and clip art to the mirrors in your home? Maybe that rather blank mirror in your guest bathroom or a remind for your kids to brush their teeth would be a great way to personalize a rather overlooked space in your home. When I was married to my husband over 20 years ago he would wake and tell me, “I love you, You’re Beautiful.” But over the years he’s missed a day or two. But one day came home with a small pre-cut vinyl piece that simply said “You’re Beautiful” on it and applied it to my side of our bathroom mirror. I love it! Check out these other vinyl on mirror ideas I loved too! All links to The Casabella project link back to My Blessed Life

Bathroom Reminder by Ali Edwards

Mirror Makeover by Crafty Scrappy Happy

You can order this piece through Etsy Shop


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