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Design Team: Laura Charko

My name is Laura and I love to create.  My motto when it comes to spending time in my studio is “Design, Create, Give.”   The great part of that motto is that you can start at any point!  Sometimes I skip the design part, and get right to creating!  Sometimes I just know I want to give something to someone so I head into my studio for inspiration.  And then, of course, at times I really want to hammer out a great design before I get started.  Above all else, I aspire to “give” or share my creative style with the people around me.  I just love a customer who comes to me with an idea and lets me run with it, all the while keeping them in the creative loop so they are aware of the work being done, and have input into the final product.

I created a blog to share some inspiration with fellow crafters, and to have a place I could share my work with potential clients.  Most of the visitors who visit my blog are aware of my love for vinyl and all the versatility it provides within my projects.  I can’t wait to start showing off some projects using Brookie Craft products!!  

Be sure to visit Laura’s blog at http://koladesigns.files.wordpress.com

Here are some links to some of the vinyl projects Laura has done in the past:

Whooo Loves Owls {On the Wall} 

See more about this project on Laura’s blog:


Things To Do Board {Vinyl on Canvas}

See more about this project on Laura’s blog: http://koladesigns.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/diy-things-to-do-board/

Seeing Circles

See more about this project on Laura’s blog: http://koladesigns.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/seeing-circles/

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5 Ideas for Using Vinyl on Glass

This is a personal favorite of mine. Nothing is more impressive then taking something as simple as a frame, old window, glass jar or blog and adding a bit of vinyl to it to create that one of a kind home decor or gift idea. Check out these fun ideas.

Add Vinyl to Old Window

I instantly fell in love with this subway art piece that Lil’ Luna created above her headboard. Seriously on of my favorite ideas out there.


Check out Lil’ Luna’s awesome blog full of ideas. 

Use Vinyl to Create Faux Etching on Tabletop 

Okay this one wasn’t a vinyl on glass feature but it does show how vinyl was used to help created the amazing pattern on the glass tabled top. Seriously go check out her before and after pictures of this coffee table, it will rock your world.

Check out the before and after at All Things Thrifty Blog

Add Vinyl to Glass on Frame

I love the look of adding your favorite paper to the inside of a shadow box frame and then vinyl on the glass. These fun small frames are from Ikea and a great way to add fun dimension to a Gallery Wall. Be sure to check out the post from The House of Smiths.


Vinyl Decals on Glass from House of Smiths 

Add to Glass Jar or Jug

This beautiful jug is stunning. Stephanie picked the write graphic and I loved that she used a dark grey vinyl…almost give it that printed look on the jar don’t you thin? Check out her blog post for her tutorial on how she recreated this Water Jug.

Credits: by Stephanie Lynn.com

Use Vinyl on a Glass Block

There are some many ideas that come to mind when I think of decorating glass blocks. What a simple and inexpensive idea that will light up anyone’s holidays!

Cute, Fun Personal Blog

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August 2, 2012 · 12:47 am

5 Ways to use Vinyl for Weddings

The idea for this post actually started in my bedroom. We have a sign made from vinyl a friend gave us years ago and I’ve since remade for several wedding gifts. It says on it, “All Because Two People Fell in Love.” So I started to think about my bulging calendar of weddings coming up in August and thought I would go on the hunt for cute ideas using vinyl for weddings. I decided to limit to 5 though to keep the post short…there are some many more ideas out there.

Mr. & Mrs. Bedroom Vinyl

I instantly fell in love with his ideas for over the bed. It might only be fun for about the first year while you’re still getting use to it, but that’s the great part about vinyl…it comes off and you can replace it without another new quote or piece of art that inspires you.
Play on Walls Mr and Mrs vinyl

Available through Play on Walls Etsy Shop

Monogram Cake Plate Wedding Gift

I created one of these for a quick and simple wedding gift recently. Sadly I did not take any photos of the finished project. So I went in search of one that inspired me. I simply added the Bride & Grooms Monogram to a cake plate/cover that I picked up at Dollar Tree. I kept mine all white and added white tulle to the handle. Then I filled the inside with a cake mix, frosting, darling cupcake liners, sprinkles and a gift card for dinner (before or after they eat the cupcakes is up to them). Vinyl decorated cake plate

Create by Jessica Rocks and posted to Cricut Message Board

Personalized Wedding Party Cups

Stay hydrated on that special day with these darling personalized cups. Create one for the bride and her brides maids. Not only useful but also a fun keepsakes after that special day. Personalize Wedding Cups

Purchase these through LylaBugDesign Etsy Shop

Reception Decor or Dance Floor Vinyl

Loved this idea!! I would love to see it applied at an actual wedding, wouldn’t you. Added to the doors of a reception center would be such a great way to personalize a typically very impersonal space. And an even better idea…the reception dance floor, love it.

Reception Door or Floor Vinyl

Available through Open Heart Creations Etsy Shop

Just Married Car Vinyl

Now I think applying vinyl to the window of a car is just sweet and something they could leave on there for more then one night. I think personalizing it would be darling too…even adding a stick bride and groom to the window would be super cute too!! Just Married Vinyl on Car

Credits: If Walls Could Talk

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Play Table with Vinyl

The very talented Tiffany Hood has been playing with vinyl again! We love the ideas she comes up with using her electronic cutter and an old table she had. With some time and crafty patience she created this AWESOME children’s Play Table with vinyl!

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Personalize Gifts with Vinyl…Moo!

Jen Meyer wanted to give her daughter MacKenzie a gift that would help remind her about her first role in a local production of Oklahoma! So she found this darling cow collectable, with yellow flowers (her daughter’s favorite) and cut out the name of the play and year. Because face it, finding a gift that represented something like the musical Oklahoma! with the year on it, is probably very hard to find. 

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DIY Vinyl Soap Decal

Sometimes the color of the soap matters as much as the label on it. But most times Amy Mitchell say’s the labels look tacky and don’t coordinate with the decor in her bathrooms. So she decided to create her own vinyl soap decal for her kid’s bathrooms.

Now you’re probably wondering how Amy removed the brand writing off her liquid soap dispenser, right? Well some of the soaps you purchase have a removable label, but most I found did not. So here’s a trick… use Goo Gone to remove the printed image off the bottle. Sometimes it takes a little scrubbing, but keep it up to get a clean surface. Make sure you dry it completely before applying vinyl to the bottle.

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Angels Dream Vinyl Wall Quote

Tiffany Hood felt like her  wall need a little something, so she took her black vinyl from Brookie and create this beautiful quote and set out to add just what the space needed. I love how something as simple as a beautiful font and vinyl can totally change the look of a room.

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