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Vinyl on Water Bottles

A few years ago my daughter attended a youth Girls Camp sponsored by our church. They gave all the participants a screen printed plastic water bottle. Only problem is all 400 girls at the camp had the same water bottles and if you sat it down and didn’t think to write your name on it, you had no idea which bottle was yours.

So thanks to a trip to the dollar store and my Brookie Vinyl selection, I was able to create “personalized” water bottles. But I couldn’t leave it with only their names, I had to add the camp theme for this year too!
For anyone else looking to do something like this for your Girls Camp here’s a couple of tips. You cannot do this without Transfer Tape…so pick up some extra. I’m a transfer tape snob and like to have a fresh piece rather then reuse them. Next tip, we’ve done this for the past two years and although the plastic water bottles from the dollar store work great…they do tend to break when dropped. So this year we decided on these metal bottles instead. You can order them by the case from DollarTree.com and have it delivered for free to your local store!

Water BottlesWe’re going to add different colored ribbon to each bottle to designate who is in which tent group. Yellow in yellow tent, etc.

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