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Tips and Tricks: Weeding

What is Weeding? And I’m not talking about this kind of weeding either….

Weeding is what you do after you have cut your vinyl on our electronic cutter, you weed out all the parts of the vinyl you do NOT need.

X-acto knives work as a perfect tool for weeding (taking away the excess or negative space when using vinyl). Always keep a sharp blade, this will help you to “grab” the vinyl easier. Hold the knife at an angle, and poke the tip just under the vinyl and lift. This is a great way to weed letters or small areas in a design. You can use them to cut around a design, and only weed sections on vinyl off the backing so that you do not waste the entire sheet of vinyl with one design (be careful not to press too hard, you may cut through the backing paper) They are also great for popping any type of bubble you may have gotten during the installation process. Take a very sharp tip of the X-acto blade and poke the bubble, use your finger to press the air from behind the vinyl out through the hole.

This is what it should like when you are finished weeding your cut piece.

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