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Heat Transfer Trick-or-Treat Bag

by Tausha Hoyt from Sassy Style Redesign

Maybe I am the only one, but I grabbed the Halloween costume supplies and realized that we had no trick or treat bags. Not exactly sure how this happened, but we are trick or treat bag-less nonetheless.

So, I decided to remedy the situation today. It was super simple and not too hard to do. Good thing, because I need 3 of them.

trick or treat bag tutorial pin sassy style redesign

First things first. You need to gather your supplies

trick or treat bag tutorial supplies

Canvas Bag-I got mine at wal-mart in a 3 pack
Heat Transfer Vinyl-This is made by Brookie Craft. Look for it at a local craft store or online at  You can look for this under the Sillouhette name.
Scrap Fabric for ironing

Anything that only has 4 supplies needed, is bound to be simple…right? Of course it is.

First, I used my Cricut to cut out the design. You could totally use a Google image, trace and cut out if you don’t have a Cricut or Silhouette.

yipes collage

When using heat transfer vinyl-you want to make sure that flip or mirror your image. Also, the matte side is the side that is facing up. The shiny side down.

Once your image is cut, you need to take it off of the transfer tape or clear acrylic side. Just peal it off. Super simple. Wa-hoo!

After your image is placed, you are ready to iron. This is where your scrap piece of fabric comes into play.

trick or treat bag tutorial iron vinyl

After you have the fabric over your image, use a no steam iron set on the cotton setting. Lightly iron over the image and it will set almost immediately.

After that, you are ironed and done!

trick or treat bag tutorial finished close

I told you it was simple! I guarantee that your kids will have the cutest trick or treat bags around.

trick or treat bag tutorial finished full

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Spooky Mantel

We loved this fireplace mantel crated by Poppies at Play and had to share her rockin’ vinyl skills. Check out her blog for more ideas or to purchase vinyl projects.


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Beware Sign by Summer

Once a month I get together with six of my girlfriends and we exchange something we have made.  Because we are in October I wanted to make/bring something Halloween related.  So I made this wood board that says Beware.

This is super quick and easy to make – so lets get started!

Materials Needed:

Cut the board to the size that you want and sand then paint black.  Then cut your scrapbook paper to be slightly less in size than the board.  I usually cut mine to be 1/4 or 1/2 inch smaller.

Mod Podge the scrapbook paper onto your wood board.

Cut out a fun Halloween word with your vinyl – I cut out Beware

Add the vinyl to your wood board

Now with your black embroidery floss criss cross it around the board – like a spider web.  Then tie into a knot.  You could tie the knot in the back but I like the look of the knot tied in the front.

And there you have it – a fun, quick and simple Halloween Sign.


Summer is the author and owner of Summer Scraps.  She is constantly inspired by her 3 kids and has great support from her husband.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching movies and has a secret passion for video games.  Summer loves to share crafts and recipes.  You can also find Summer on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and at her Etsy shop.

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Personalized Wedding Party Gifts

by Laura Charko

Here’s a simple way to personalize gifts or add some flair to a party!   These glasses (actually shatter-proof plastic that looks just like glass!) were made as part of the thank you gifts for a wedding party.

I used the cricut cartridges Love Struck for the lips and CTMH Artiste for the moustaches!   Since these glasses have grooves built in for the thumb to sit in, the vinyl was applied so that when they were held up to the mouth, the lips or moustaches were in just the right spot on the drinker’s face – totally made me giggle after applying each one LOL

My tip for designing vinyl for curved areas, like glasses, is to take the measurement of the area you can see from one angle.  For the flutes for example, about 2 inches were visible at any given time, any more than that was cut off as it curved around the glass.  Knowing this, I could try to keep my designs within 2 inches wide so that the name could be read and the image could be legible when it was looked at straight on.

Don’t forget to test out your vinyl on your objects before you finish a project like this so that you’ll know how they interact.  Some glass doesn’t hold certain vinyl as well as other glass.  I would also recommend hand-washing any items that will be used again, not putting them in the dishwasher.






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I’m so HAPPY you’re HOME “Garage” Decor

EVERY day I am so HAPPY when my husband comes home.  It is so fun to hear the garage go up and watch my girls jump up and run to the door.  We are so happy when he is home.  I thought it would be so fun to make a sign that reminded him of that.
Whenever I come home I read it and it reminds me how much I love being home, too.
One of my favorite things to do is write the words that mean the most in a different font.
I did happy and home in a different font and capitalized them.
I cut my vinyl out using my Silhouette SD. The words “I’m so” and “you’re” is in one stroke script LET font and “happy” and “home” is in aharoni font. Then I applied my vinyl using transfer tape so that my letters were straight.
Don’t mind my unpainted garage.  This is a project that I am dieing to do.  One day!
This is the view from the car.
I didn’t tell my husband that I was making this.  I hung it up before he got home.  He came in and said, “I love my sign.  Thanks hun.  I AM so HAPPY to be home!” 

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Unique Vinyl Ideas

Join Lori Allred as she shows you how to take
crafting with vinyl to the next level. She’ll share creative
ways to glitter and bling out vinyl for home decor and gift giving.

View the episode on My Craft Channel by clicking here!

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Mixing Up Your Wall Vinyl Colors

Hi, I’m Kaysi from Keeping it Simple

One of my things about vinyl is being able to put it on the wall.  I love being to add color to a house without having to paint and having some permanent.  I have some 8×10 canvases of my children when they were just a week old.  There is just something about a week old baby.  So I have them displayed in my living room, with this fun saving over it in vinyl.
favorite things (1)
I wanted to make the favorite different, using cursive and a different color, it really make it pop.
favorite things (3)
I seriously love it and now the vinyl looks on my wall!
Thanks for having me today!

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