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DIY Sticky Stencil Love Sign

Wooden signs are all the rage right now.  They are so easy to make.  I used my Cricut to cut out the word LOVE using a sticky stencil.  You could use vinyl, too.  I did a sticky stencil so I can use it again.
You can use any paint for this project. Just make sure that both colors are the same type of paint {e.d.g.,spray paint, house paint, and tole paint}

Start out by painting ALL the wood white.  ***I had a craft fail {pictured}, so learn from me…paint the WHOLE sign because I didn’t and you can kinda see where I painted it.i PHONE PICS 2012 1121Next apply your stencil or vinyl.i PHONE PICS 2012 1123 Finish off by spray painting the whole sign again.  Remove your stencil and let it dry.i PHONE PICS 2012 1189 These are great to use for any occasion.

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Using Vinyl as a Stencil – Polka Dot Mirror

Have you seen these mirrors at Ikea?  They are $1.99.  Can’t beat that, right?  I bought a few, decorated one, and added it to my Valentine decor.

I started out by cutting polka dots out of vinyl using Cricut – craft room.  I removed all the dots and used the leftover vinyl as my pattern.  Then I wrapped it around my frame.

mirror 1

I painted my frame with tole paint.  *This pic doesn’t show the the edges painted – I went back and painted them because it looked a little unfinished.


When the paint dried I pulled off the vinyl and then sanded the whole frame to give it an aged look.  


Now think of the other shapes and designs you could do!  If you wanted you could remove the mirror and make it a picture frame.
For more DIY projects be sure to visit Staci over at The Potters Place

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Why Use Transfer Tape?

Our design team member, Staci Potter filmed a Special Feature video over on My Craft Channel. She explains why using transfer tape is so crucial when crafting with vinyl. You can view it here….

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Joy Sign Mask with Sticky Stencil

Have you seen the darling signs all around that have just a word or two on them?  Well I wanted to make a Christmas one for my front porch.  I started out with an old piece of wood that I found on one of my thrifty finds from the junk yard.  Have you ever been to the junk yard?  The one where I do my picking has lots of old wood for way cheap.  I’m sure that there are many different ways you can do these but my friend and I decided to make a sign using the sticky stencil so we could use it over and over again.  All I did was pick out the font I liked then double cut {the sticky stencil is a little thick} each letter out with my electronic cutter.
Here is my wood with the letters JOY on the board ready for some paint.
I love that the letters stick to the wood and make it so easy to paint.  I chose to leave the letters the color of the wood and then spray painted the rest white.  This was a little tricky because the wood was so porous that it sucked the paint right in.  I wanted to keep painting but I knew if I did then it would seep under the letters so, have some patience and do it light to avoid that problem.
It was crazy because the paint wouldn’t cover as well as I would have liked, but it ended up working out.  After the paint dried I pulled the letters off and then sanded it just a little to give it a softer look.
The smaller piece of wood is my friends and she painted her board white and then used the other part of the stencil that I didn’t use and painted hers red. Sorry, no pic of this stage.
I love how this turned out.  I can’t wait to set this out when I get my Christmas stuff up.
Note:Thanks to my friend for letting me stage this since I still have my Thanksgiving decor up!
Look how cute my friends turned out, too.
What word would you put on your sign?

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Step Up Home Decor with Vinyl

When I got out my Thanksgiving stuff to decorate our home this year, I felt like this THANKS sign needed a little something.
So, I grabbed a little vinyl and cut out the word GIVE.  All I did was run my vinyl through my cutting machine, pulled off the excess vinyl, and added some transfer tape. 
Then, I applied my vinyl to the wall. 
You can always put your vinyl up one letter at a time but transfer tape makes it fast and easy.  Plus, you can reuse it over and over again.
Once you’ve got your word right where you want it, remove your transfer tape.
 Look what a difference a little vinyl can make.
The best part is when Thanksgiving is over, I can pull if off.
 Now, look around your home, add a little vinyl to something, and see what a difference it can make!

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I’m so HAPPY you’re HOME “Garage” Decor

EVERY day I am so HAPPY when my husband comes home.  It is so fun to hear the garage go up and watch my girls jump up and run to the door.  We are so happy when he is home.  I thought it would be so fun to make a sign that reminded him of that.
Whenever I come home I read it and it reminds me how much I love being home, too.
One of my favorite things to do is write the words that mean the most in a different font.
I did happy and home in a different font and capitalized them.
I cut my vinyl out using my Silhouette SD. The words “I’m so” and “you’re” is in one stroke script LET font and “happy” and “home” is in aharoni font. Then I applied my vinyl using transfer tape so that my letters were straight.
Don’t mind my unpainted garage.  This is a project that I am dieing to do.  One day!
This is the view from the car.
I didn’t tell my husband that I was making this.  I hung it up before he got home.  He came in and said, “I love my sign.  Thanks hun.  I AM so HAPPY to be home!” 

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Design Team: Staci Potter

Hi, I’m Staci.
I blog over at ThePotters-Place.
I am a wife to a die hard U of U football fan, mother to two girls {adoption rocks}, part time cosmetologist, and every day crafter.  I grew up with parents who are very crafty.  My mom made us the most amazing Easter dresses and my dad taught me to DIY.
I blog about creating, making, and DIY-ing around our home.  One of my favorite things to do is turn trash into treasure.  I was once asked if I ever leave anything alone.  I took it as a compliment and said, “Nope!  Everything needs a little paint, love and glitter.”
Here are a few of my favorite projects from my blog using vinyl.
I am so excited to be part of the Brookie Craft Design Team.For more DIY projects visit my blogThePotters-Place.com

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